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The team behind the bar? That’s us.

Follow our story! Over the next few months, we will continue to add new and exciting beamable activities and bundles. These will be tailored for your enjoyment and modified to suit the change in seasons. Be a part of this process and join along for the ride!

Feel free to speak to us, share with us and develop with us - the new model of connectivity and real life engagement.

We are here to build a community, so please be invited to have a look around and shoot us your questions and requests. Whether you need help for changing the batteries on a controller or want to start a collaboration with us. No limits to your questions.


Have  a collaboration in mind?

We want to emphasise the openness of our spaces. Epecially in times of Covid-19 local businesses took a hit and all of us witnessed or experienced the effects in one way or another. Therefore, we want to motivate and cultivate collaborations, as our concept allows constant variation of ideas.

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